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Halloween…in May?

26 May

Well, bear with me on this one. Hubs and I joined a kickball league, and we recently had a theme night where each team had to dress up. Our theme was “Paranormal Activity”. We all dressed up as ghosts, but we dressed up as silly ghosts– we had an Elvis ghost, pig ghost, clown ghost…you get the point. It was an easy and cheap costume for a bunch of working adults –we all just threw white sheets over us ($5.00 twin flat sheet at Wal-Mart) and worked with what we had at home (it’s very hard to find cheap costumes in May). In fact, we actually won the prize for best group costume! We also had a team member all dressed in black running around pretending to “capture” us on videos and audio recorders. Anyways, enough of the background, I went as a Censored Ghost. Here is a mini tutorial that might be useful when Halloween actually comes around….five months from now.

The How-to

First is to use a word processor to write the words to cut out. I reversed them because I did not want to see the black line when I did cut the letters out. I do have a Cricut, but I was at work doing this last-minute (theme night was that night), and it’s not really that many letters. Print two for both areas for a girl and only one for a guy.

Next, I cut the letters out and glued them on to black foam core. I held a measuring stick up to make sure the square would be large enough against my own body.

Finally, using my flat sheet, I glued Velcro on the sheet and the sign with fabric glue. I put the bottom sign at a slight angle. This whole costume cost less that $10. It only cost that much because I had to buy the Velcro– but if you just directly glued it on, it would be cheaper.


Hauntingly Cute Halloween Ideas

8 Oct

It is that time of year where ghouls and boys run around in the night, knocking on doors and posing the question, “tricks or treats”.  So why not greet them with a twist on traditionally carved pumpkins and unique decor?  If you are like me, carving the pumpkins is a messy, albeit fun, adventure.  Here are some fun alternatives that involve a lot less risking a lost digit, and more creativity.  These ideas are definitely going to garner attention.  More ideas can be found at Allyou.com.

1 Spooky Black Cat

Incognito Pumpkins

3 Wickedly Awesome Witch Pumpkin

4 Eyeball Wreath