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A Better Thanksgiving Kids’ Table

20 Nov

The weather knows it, the leaves know it, and children definitely know it. What is it you ask? Well, it is the beginning of that magical holiday season, of course! And what better to start that season with friends and family than with the all important Thanksgiving dinner. As soon as Halloween is over, the kids begin preparing day in and day out at school with traced hand turkeys, feathers, and glitter– apparently a very important fashion statement for pilgrim belt buckles. So, why not reward all that hard scissor work with a table all their own at the Thanksgiving feast? Here are some ideas to make your children’s table seem less like an after thought and more like the place to be!

The Table

Pumpkin Table Weights

Turkey Place mat (with tutorial!)

Thanksgiving Themed Finger Puppet Favors (with tutorial!)

The Activities

Thanksgiving Coloring Place mat (with tutorial!) Checkout Crayola’s site for more free coloring book ideas!

Pine Cone Crayon Holder (with tutorial!)

Pilgrim Hat Holder (with tutorial!)

The Goodies

Oreo Turkeys (with awesome tutorial!)

Acorns (with how-to)

Corn Cookie (with how-to)

Hopefully these wonderful ideas help jump start your kids’ table and make the adults try to sneak a seat over with the kiddos. As a note, adjust all the ideas accordingly for different age groups. Remember that happy entertained kids also means happy entertained adults. Happy planning and Happy Thanksgiving!


Lord of the UN-Rings: An Ode to Coasters

6 Nov

After that last drop of wine is gone, the last finger foods nibbled, and the last guest happily wanders out, you just want to enjoy the night and clean up in the morning– BUT WAIT– what about all those dripping glasses all over your new wood furniture?!  Whose idea was it to serve ice?!  Call it ‘Lord of the UN-Rings,’ but no one wants to wake up to three dozen tennis-ball-sized rings all over their coffee table after an awesome soiree. One thing is a must: COASTERS.

Coasters do not have to be overindulged nor do they have to be boring.  For example, a creative way for guests to never forget their coaster is to actually attach the coaster to the glass!  DimmalimmHome has made these adorable coasters that slip over the bottom of stemware and come in a variety of colors and are for sale on Etsy.

The next coaster would be great for a game night or a book club: Scrabble Coasters.   Again, this little jewel comes from Etsy and is by MadeByMarcy.  I guarantee this will be a conversation starter especially if guests do not know one another!  For you DIY-ers out there, here is a tutorial to make your own Scrabble Coasters.

A project I would like to give a whirl for a larger party is DIY coasters.  Design Sponge had a great idea that is economical and can be customized.  I think they look like little crackers and would look great with a cheese, crackers, and wine spread!  Or maybe sewing or stenciling on different designs to customize for any holiday or festivity!

And another DIY coaster that is a little more substantial is made from 4 x 4 ceramic tiles.  I think this is cute for little hostess gifts or small friend gifts since they can be completely customized.  One bride even used it as a creative place card for her wedding [photo: Era Photography, Inc.].  Directions on how to make these little jewels can be found over at On the Journey. On that site is a great step by step tutorial with images.

Remember, the more visible the coasters are, the more likely your guests will use them.  Using ones like those mentioned above and placing them on most flat surfaces, people are guaranteed to see them and get the hint. Now you will be free to mingle and the only thing you will have to worry about now is your husband’s work friend trying to organize an impromptu karaoke contest– but at least your wood furniture will won’t be hurt, just your ears.  Happy party planning!