Baby Babble Diaper Raffle

31 Mar

FACT: A baby will go through approximately 3,000 diapers in its first year of life.

Although it is really fun to look at all those little onesies and matching bows, the couple would really appreciate the necessities too.  Just think of the diapers as a necessary accessory– kind of like earrings, you feel naked if you forgot them.

One fun way to get the diapers the couples will need is a diaper raffle.

Baby Raffle

Surprisingly, if you peruse the internet on this topic, it is pretty controversial.  Some people say it is a great idea and others are vehemently against it.  My take is that as long as the diaper raffle is optional you’re on safe ground.  My opinion changes with other shower ideas like “build-the-library” that is practically mandatory– a’build the library’ shower is where the invite requests that in lieu of a card, the attendees bring a baby book.  I came to learn that baby books from baby stores are very *ahem* overpriced), and sadly made me wish I had spent less on the main gift (TIP: if you get invited to a build-the-library shower, go to Walmart or Goodwill to get a cheaper book.  Stay away from the big box baby stores for books!).

Below is the card that was included with the invitations.  It is worded as to imply the optional part.  At the actual party, most people did understand it was optional, but most chose to participate.

Baby Shower Diaper Raffle Ticket

The sign for the table was framed out from very affordable IKEA picture frames.  We decorated the corners of all the picture frames with tissue paper flowers and raffia.  Decorating the inexpensive frames helped match the theme and make the frames look more expensive (see the picture above for the frame).

Baby Shower - Diaper Raffle Sign1

The raffle ticket stub was printed at 2×3, the size of a business card.  They were laid out right next to the sign.  Do not forget to leave pens for people to fill out the tickets!  We bought a pack of cheap pens from a big box store and left three or four at every station.
Baby Shower Diaper Raffle Ticket STUB

The drawing was done by the niece of the mom-to-be.   The prizes can be practically anything, but make it somewhat substantial– diapers are pricey!  The prizes for this raffle were a $30 gift card to Publix and a $30 gift card to Wal-Mart.  We had two winners mostly because how many people we invited (we also had three games that had prizes, so we didn’t want to go broke!).

As a note, the couple had to only buy one pack of newborn and had to buy their first pack of diapers when the baby was 6 months!  Well worth the extra effort to do this a shower



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