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Fashion Pet Bowls

24 Aug

Over at Home Made Simple they had a great idea for a customizable and affordable pet bowl craft project.

Customized Pet Food Dish
Simple, smart and stylish, we love this contemporary twist on a traditional pet dish. The raised design makes it easier for your pet to eat and keeps food off the floor. Try using two ceramic bowls you already own or shop thrift stores and yard sales for a sweet set. Just be sure the two bowls are exactly the same size and shape.

2 ceramic bowls with recessed bottoms, same size and shape
Decorating supplies (waterproof vinyl decals, permanent oil-based paint markers)
Permanent marker
2 large, strong magnets
Strong-hold glue


  1. Decorate the bowls. Apply pretty vinyl decals or use permanent paint markers to create bold patterns.
  2. On the bottom of each bowl, use a ruler to locate the center, then mark it with the permanent marker.
  3. Check to make sure the magnets are positioned so that they’ll attract, rather than repel. Using your mark as a guide, glue one magnet to the bottom of each bowl.
  4. Place one bowl upside down, then stack the other on top, right side up.

Tip: As an alternative, glue bowls together with strong-hold glue. With either method, keep your pet dish clean by gently hand washing.