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Baby Talk

20 Apr

Okay, so it’s true.  We have no kids, I’m not pregnant, and we are not planning on a baby for at least another year.  So why start planning a fictitious baby shower?  Hubs thinks I am crazy for planning all this, but I am just scouting out ideas for when the time comes.  I’m still working on getting this blog to where I want it to be, and doing everything ‘blog’ correct.  I am a self proclaimed master at invitations; I sat on my den’s floor and made all 150 of my wedding invitations, 150 save-the-dates, 50 morning after brunch, 35 rehearsal dinner invites, and 150 thank you notes.  I felt painstaking initiation lets me call myself a master. In other words, I love DIY/Homemade everything, and this will be no exception.

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