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Grazie! Merci! Gracias!

1 Sep

When I was younger, my mom drilled into me for every holiday, every birthday, and every invitation required a thank you note.  It is something that I still carry with me as I approach 30, and have come to hold some strong feelings toward.  Through all the years, I always sent thank you cards to family and friends, but realized I was a minority.

Yes, people do have busy lives and often forget, but I did take the time pick out the gift, give it to you, and provide a card.  So my position is that even if the adult does not want to take the time, then they should at least make the child send thank you cards out to instill a sense of thankfulness, respectfulness, and a bit of gratitude.  You definitely do not want to burn your friends by continually inviting them to your children’s events, without thanking.

(All my thanks from $0.48 ea, StationeryStudio)

The How-to:

  1. Start with the date and salutation: Send your note, written in black ink, within a week of receiving a gift.
  2. Say thanks right off the bat: Be specific about why you are writing the note. If you’re thanking someone for a monetary gift, refer to their “generosity” rather than mentioning the amount.
  3. Compliment the kind gesture: Don’t be afraid to go over the top—everyone loves an effusive compliment, as long as it’s heartfelt.
  4. Allude to the future: Anticipate another get-together, or if you’re writing about a gift, be sure to tell them how you plan to use it.
  5. Finish with sincere regards: Reiterate your gratitude, then close the letter on an intimate note, signing your first and last name. Don’t forget to proofread before you postmark! (Thanks to Inkspot Workkshop)

Still worried about wording?  Visit here. It generates samples based on the event.

Personalize It!

A personalized drawing card especially for younger children, is a cute way to thank family members and close friends from a child.  Also , children’s calling cards would work for any occasion and can be used throughout the years.

Some cute Children’s Thank You notes:


Movers & Shakers

21 Apr

In the last 5 years, Hubs and I have moved 5 times.  Yes, 5 times.  I can currently pack and unpack an entire house in 2 days.  Our mail is probably still being delivered to unsuspecting residents in three different zip codes.  So, to keep family and friends abreast of where we moved to, I started sending out moving announcements.  I wanted something that was more than just a postcard where people would not look twice at it, so I turned to my trusty friend Google Image search.  Me and Google get along well, especially when I am looking for some inspiration. I haven’t made all of them, but here are some I did make and some I will make in the future.

I claim no ownership of these designs or images– please google image search them yourself to find full information, this is merely for educational/informational purposes:

Moving Announcements

The keys are from Love me Always.   The Welcome mat moving announcement is cute, and would be relatively easy to make.  This is from Finestationery.com, however, I think it has been discontinued.  It was from Putnam House and was available as a postcard.

Next are some map inspired moving announcements that are dependent on the envelope liners that you would need to make and insert yourself.

I like this one with its simple graphic, but awesomely tied together to the envelope. The other one could do without the envelope liner since the real map is so busy.  I like it because it is simple and can be customized with the color paper you use.  There is a DIY tutorial at Paper Source.

Here are some more literal and graphic moving announcements.  The lime box is again from Finestationery.com and is made by Sarah LeClere.

Hopefully we will not be moving this year, but I secretly hope we are so I can make some of these ideas!  One tip is to always remember to make sure that you do not have to pay any extra postage.  I ran into that problem for Christmas cards (read: $1.50/envelope x60 envelopes– Hubs didn’t like that one much).  Also make sure that there are no big bumps from bow knots or whatever that might rip the envelope.