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11 Feb

Valentine’s day is next week! Eek!  Instead of rushing to the store to buy generic chocolates, I want to give my nurse husband (aka my Murse) something a bit more meaningful and specialized.  I racked my brain….and racked it some more….then eventually turned to my trusty pal Pinterest.  I happened to come across Erica’s idea over at Sweet Tooth: ECG Cookies!  I still w0uld call them EKG cookies, but I am a laymen when it comes to anything medical.  These cookies are super cute and will definitely make any nurse (or murse) get a good chuckle.  A tag with “My heart belongs to a nurse” would be a cute touch too!  These would also be great for nurse appreciation or a graduation party. [Photo credit to Sweet Tooth]


DIY Brush Holder

4 Feb

Ever notice how your makeup bag seems to be a bottomless pit of lip-glosses-long-forgotten? That’s where my mascara went! There’s that button that came off! How’d that tennis racquet get in there?? Okay, maybe that last one is a stretch, but there are simple steps to disarm the bag-that-time-forgot. One way to start is to compile all those makeup brushes. Who hasn’t mercilessly dug through a bag and inevitably always ends up pulling out the wrong one? Taking a toothbrush holder is an easy (an attractive) way to keep your brushes out of the way and always have them on hand. Another good aspect is the whole thing can be easily put in a cabinet without falling all over. So, with the makeup brushes conquered, maybe I can finally finish a whole lip gloss without losing it!