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Movers & Shakers

21 Apr

In the last 5 years, Hubs and I have moved 5 times.  Yes, 5 times.  I can currently pack and unpack an entire house in 2 days.  Our mail is probably still being delivered to unsuspecting residents in three different zip codes.  So, to keep family and friends abreast of where we moved to, I started sending out moving announcements.  I wanted something that was more than just a postcard where people would not look twice at it, so I turned to my trusty friend Google Image search.  Me and Google get along well, especially when I am looking for some inspiration. I haven’t made all of them, but here are some I did make and some I will make in the future.

I claim no ownership of these designs or images– please google image search them yourself to find full information, this is merely for educational/informational purposes:

Moving Announcements

The keys are from Love me Always.   The Welcome mat moving announcement is cute, and would be relatively easy to make.  This is from, however, I think it has been discontinued.  It was from Putnam House and was available as a postcard.

Next are some map inspired moving announcements that are dependent on the envelope liners that you would need to make and insert yourself.

I like this one with its simple graphic, but awesomely tied together to the envelope. The other one could do without the envelope liner since the real map is so busy.  I like it because it is simple and can be customized with the color paper you use.  There is a DIY tutorial at Paper Source.

Here are some more literal and graphic moving announcements.  The lime box is again from and is made by Sarah LeClere.

Hopefully we will not be moving this year, but I secretly hope we are so I can make some of these ideas!  One tip is to always remember to make sure that you do not have to pay any extra postage.  I ran into that problem for Christmas cards (read: $1.50/envelope x60 envelopes– Hubs didn’t like that one much).  Also make sure that there are no big bumps from bow knots or whatever that might rip the envelope.


Baby Talk

20 Apr

Okay, so it’s true.  We have no kids, I’m not pregnant, and we are not planning on a baby for at least another year.  So why start planning a fictitious baby shower?  Hubs thinks I am crazy for planning all this, but I am just scouting out ideas for when the time comes.  I’m still working on getting this blog to where I want it to be, and doing everything ‘blog’ correct.  I am a self proclaimed master at invitations; I sat on my den’s floor and made all 150 of my wedding invitations, 150 save-the-dates, 50 morning after brunch, 35 rehearsal dinner invites, and 150 thank you notes.  I felt painstaking initiation lets me call myself a master. In other words, I love DIY/Homemade everything, and this will be no exception.

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Decorating a house without a house

20 Apr

As I hungrily await for our time to by a house, I find fun little tidbits online. I’m thinking of many different rooms when I search. I found this IKEA light where you can add anything you want into the outside cylinder.  How great would this be in a kids bedroom?  You could have toy cars or little Barbie doll shoes, and then as they age, you can change it out with more teenager things, like shredded paper or money.  It says dry items only, but if you use mineral oil–a non-conductive liquid– it should be okay.

Ikea PS Pendant Light

I also saw a theme for a baby’s room that was a hot air balloon theme (not tacky).  It was minimalist and graphic. Loves!


This desk unit includes a detachable desk with expandable shelving.  How great is that???  Everyone always needs more space for all their crap..I mean “treasures.”  I think placed in a guest room or a kids room as a craft station would be the best use.  Little boxes and trinkets would be highlighted.

The problem with Ikea though, is you better be able to lift this by yourself or have your sig other come and put it together for you.  The price you pay for cheapness!

Cooking & Clipping

19 Apr

I began dabbling in cooking as soon as I married my husband (Hubs).  After the wedding, and the ensuing wedding registry gifts, I felt I owed all those relatives and friends to learn how to actually use all those random trinkets I scanned in at Macy’s and Target.  I was in school full time and Hubs was part time school and full time work.  I took it upon myself to make sure we had a home cooked meal everyday.

Yes, I know this sounds pathetically patriarchal.  Didn’t those women in the 60’s burn their bras to get away from stuff like this?  Well, those ladies didn’t have to deal with student loans, rising gas prices, and the threat of no job when you graduate.  I get a lot of slack from my single girlfriends about me cooking every night and actually being excited when I find a new recipe.  I guess it is what I get for living in a liberal college town.

Yet, there is more to cooking at home than just falling into a stereotypical housewife.  I have learned to completely budget our grocery costs to where we are down to $140 for 10 days of meals (or $7/day/person or $2.30/meal/person).  It takes a keen eye on sales and diligent coupon clipping, but we are making it work.  I’ll get into how I achieve this feat later on.

Most of my meal creations come from Cooking Light, like the pizza below with had provolone, pears, arugula, and prosciutto.  I used turkey bacon because it is cheaper, and a heck of a lot healthier than prosciutto. I’ll show how a laymen like myself can create pretty nice food presentations as seen below.  These images are taken right off my dining room table, so excuse some of the quality of the images.

Another awesome recipe from CL was their Spicy shrimp and grits.  I had never cooked, or even tried, grits before.  *Gasp!* A girl from the south has never had grits!  It must be a crime somewhere in Florida.  However, I might be sold on this recipes addition of Parmesan cheese.  This recipe is a five alarm ringer due to the addition of cayenne pepper at the end.  Uber hot!

A forgotten veggie is fennel.  I have come to love this anise tasting veggie in all aspects– sautéed, raw, and steamed.  I tried CL’s Pita salad with cucumber, fennel, and chicken recipe, and it did not disappoint.

Advantages to cooking at home are that you control the amount of fat and salt that get added to your meal.  I know as a 20-something, my generation tends to think that nothing will bring them down, but good health does not start when something bad happens.  You have to take care of yourself now in order to enjoy everything later.