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Go Green!

11 Mar

Lucky for everyone, St. Patrick’s Day falls on a Saturday this year.  This means you and your kids are totally free from people pinching you because your version of green looks slightly teal or because you can celebrate without worrying about work the next day!  Here are some ideas to kick start the night.


Writing on the Wall…err..Wine Glass

7 Jan

Ever put your glass down at a party never to find it again?  Problem no more!  The blog Just Short of Crazy and MollyO came up with a stellar way to literally mark your own glass. Chalkboard paint on the bottom on the glasses allows guests to create their own moniker for their glass.  Although wine glasses were only highlighted, this can be most likely be painted on a beer mug, champagne glass, etc.  Much more sophisticated than the red plastic cup and a permanent marker.  Your guests will love it.

A Better Thanksgiving Kids’ Table

20 Nov

The weather knows it, the leaves know it, and children definitely know it. What is it you ask? Well, it is the beginning of that magical holiday season, of course! And what better to start that season with friends and family than with the all important Thanksgiving dinner. As soon as Halloween is over, the kids begin preparing day in and day out at school with traced hand turkeys, feathers, and glitter– apparently a very important fashion statement for pilgrim belt buckles. So, why not reward all that hard scissor work with a table all their own at the Thanksgiving feast? Here are some ideas to make your children’s table seem less like an after thought and more like the place to be!

The Table

Pumpkin Table Weights

Turkey Place mat (with tutorial!)

Thanksgiving Themed Finger Puppet Favors (with tutorial!)

The Activities

Thanksgiving Coloring Place mat (with tutorial!) Checkout Crayola’s site for more free coloring book ideas!

Pine Cone Crayon Holder (with tutorial!)

Pilgrim Hat Holder (with tutorial!)

The Goodies

Oreo Turkeys (with awesome tutorial!)

Acorns (with how-to)

Corn Cookie (with how-to)

Hopefully these wonderful ideas help jump start your kids’ table and make the adults try to sneak a seat over with the kiddos. As a note, adjust all the ideas accordingly for different age groups. Remember that happy entertained kids also means happy entertained adults. Happy planning and Happy Thanksgiving!

Hauntingly Cute Halloween Ideas

8 Oct

It is that time of year where ghouls and boys run around in the night, knocking on doors and posing the question, “tricks or treats”.  So why not greet them with a twist on traditionally carved pumpkins and unique decor?  If you are like me, carving the pumpkins is a messy, albeit fun, adventure.  Here are some fun alternatives that involve a lot less risking a lost digit, and more creativity.  These ideas are definitely going to garner attention.  More ideas can be found at

1 Spooky Black Cat

Incognito Pumpkins

3 Wickedly Awesome Witch Pumpkin

4 Eyeball Wreath

Christmas in July!!

28 Jul

I usually start dreaming up my Christmas newsletter around this time– mostly because I purchase all of the next year’s cards the day after Christmas the preceding year. Can’t beat the deals! And then I know how to make all my labels/letters match the themes of my store purchased cards.  I personalize everything from the letter to the address labels.  Usually this the only way some of the, non-Facebooking, older family/friends can keep up with my Hubs and my life.  Here is a sampling of my work the past few years.

Address Labels

This was done by just finding clip art on the internet and then using a program to turn the words the correct way.  I placed them on the envelopes vertically.  They all mailed without any problem!  I printed these on Avery clear labels— only put these on white envelopes if that is the look you want.


I like to create a different format for each one.  I like the snowmen because I got to try my hand at digital graphic design.  I typed in the message and attached a photo on the backside of me and Hubs.

Dad’s Day!

12 Jun

As Father’s Day approaches, it is time to get the sentimental gifts started.  One idea is from Michael’s.  The kids trace their hands on some contact paper or card stock, then paint around the fingers and fade out.  You can add differing colors to add to the fade effect.  Just purchase a plain white tie, shirt, hat, etc. and decorate away!

This next idea comes from Martha Stewart.  I made this last year for my father-in-law and my own father.  I made the ties decorated in something they were interested in (i.e., fishing, the college they attended).  It is cute and people will love how cute it is.

On a Roll!

30 May

To one up your picnic from the Jones’, try these cotton rolls of napkins!  Just tear off the desired amount and viola!  A bit classy than the typical white paper napkin.  This is from MYDrap, and can be ordered in a variety of colors (can be found on Amazon).  They are not a replacement to linen napkins, but an alternative to immediate disposable napkins.  The napkins can be washed up to six times and comes in all colors and sizes!

Guest Book with a Twist!

22 May

At some point during that party, your guests will be sitting at the table with some idle time on their hands.  So, to keep them busy, why not have the guest book right at their fingertips!  Going along with my ‘Last Class’ Retirement party theme, the guests were going to “pass a note” to her during the party.  I first caught this idea from blog The Sweetest Occasions, where it had a great 80’s school themed wedding profiled.  I used past pictures on the pass a note (I had four different combinations of past pictures on the cards to keep it interesting!).  I accompanied the guest book with a pink eraser card holder to tie into my school theme.  I had mini golf pencils available for the guests to use.

The cards were 4 x 6 and can be put into a photo album easily.  I plan to place the note cards amongst the pictures from the evening.  The pink eraser holders were easy to make as well– just cut a deep slit into the eraser and insert the printed card stock.  I found there is a difference in pink erasers and some are easier to cut than others.  The pink erasers were 3/$1, so it will not kill the budget.