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Big Blank Wall

16 Sep

So to keep myself from falling into the depths of absolute boredom, I decided to try my hand at an art project. Inspiration is everywhere!  I just look out my windows– The trees, the lake, the ducks running around, just all the nature and pureness of the outside. I was thinking about a three or two set which would be entirely graphic in nature. Some ideas I’ve been searching online are below:

From the InternetGraphic Trees

I like both of these designs for their pureness and simple renderings of nature.  I wish I would have saved the links, but they can be found on a Google Search.  I claim no ownership over these pictures, ideas, or creations!


Brave New World

11 Sep

This is my first adventure into the blogging world.  I dabbled with Myspace and Twitter, but who needs to really follow my life that closely?  Those stalkers and unfriends will just have to float to some other person.  The blog will hopefully become on online vingette of things that I find interesting or tid bits about what I think about life.  Everyone has a different opinion and view, and this is mine.  Hope I don’t scare you.