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It’s Been Too Long!!

10 Aug

I apologize for being so distant and not posting- I’ve neglected my blogging duties. I do have an excuse (they always have an excuse, right?), we finally closed on our house! I know I could set up my computer on some card board boxes and balance the mouse on my leg, but I will return soon.

And if you don’t hear from me in another month, I’ve either been buried under boxes or gave up on unpacking and submitted an application to get on the show Hoarders.


Computer Mayhem

27 Jul

Sorry for the hiatus, but my computer of 5 years decided that it was tired– it never woke up from hibernate setting.  So I have been using Hub’s computer as a stand-in minus all my software and files.  I am getting a new computer this upcoming month and will be more diligent.  Thanks for the patience!

Brave New World

11 Sep

This is my first adventure into the blogging world.  I dabbled with Myspace and Twitter, but who needs to really follow my life that closely?  Those stalkers and unfriends will just have to float to some other person.  The blog will hopefully become on online vingette of things that I find interesting or tid bits about what I think about life.  Everyone has a different opinion and view, and this is mine.  Hope I don’t scare you.