Christmas in July!!

28 Jul

I usually start dreaming up my Christmas newsletter around this time– mostly because I purchase all of the next year’s cards the day after Christmas the preceding year. Can’t beat the deals! And then I know how to make all my labels/letters match the themes of my store purchased cards.  I personalize everything from the letter to the address labels.  Usually this the only way some of the, non-Facebooking, older family/friends can keep up with my Hubs and my life.  Here is a sampling of my work the past few years.

Address Labels

This was done by just finding clip art on the internet and then using a program to turn the words the correct way.  I placed them on the envelopes vertically.  They all mailed without any problem!  I printed these on Avery clear labels— only put these on white envelopes if that is the look you want.


I like to create a different format for each one.  I like the snowmen because I got to try my hand at digital graphic design.  I typed in the message and attached a photo on the backside of me and Hubs.


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