Smile! You’ve Been Framed!

20 Jun

Lowes Creative Ideas Giant Frame

A fun and easy project that can be used at family reunions, weddings, birthdays, or a myriad of events is from Lowes’ Creative Ideas.  You take insulation board (I believe there is a light pink and a light blue version that would work well), cut it out using Lowes’ giant picture frame template found on their website here, and then paint it!  Their website recommends using a jigsaw, but if you are careful and patient, you can carve the design out with an Olfa knife.  You could even make some ‘happy’ mistakes that make the frame more your own.  You can also make smaller sized frames.

This would make a great holiday card and the kids can even help decorate the frame for whatever holiday you choose.

The giant frame can also be used as a moving announcement: the frame and new homeowners are in the foreground and house in the background.  Or try the idea below for a father’s, mother’s, or grandparent’s day card.

Use several different shots with the same (or different) frame in a series for the card to really capture the quirky air of the frame.


Lowes Creative Ideas Giant Frame Father's Day


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