Baby Talk

20 Apr

Okay, so it’s true.  We have no kids, I’m not pregnant, and we are not planning on a baby for at least another year.  So why start planning a fictitious baby shower?  Hubs thinks I am crazy for planning all this, but I am just scouting out ideas for when the time comes.  I’m still working on getting this blog to where I want it to be, and doing everything ‘blog’ correct.  I am a self proclaimed master at invitations; I sat on my den’s floor and made all 150 of my wedding invitations, 150 save-the-dates, 50 morning after brunch, 35 rehearsal dinner invites, and 150 thank you notes.  I felt painstaking initiation lets me call myself a master. In other words, I love DIY/Homemade everything, and this will be no exception.


I was planning on having more of a “Baby Gender Reveal Party” so most of the invitations are gender neutral colors or could be changed to gender neutral.  I saw examples online of themed baby shower with jungle animals, rock n’ roll, etc., however, my theme will be “baby.”  So simple, but so complicated at the same time.

The invitations are all capable of being handmade and were found using Google image search.  I like to peruse the internet and other sites for inspiration.  I like to go to and to see ideas and wording for invitations.  Like I said before, I will get better with citing everything I find online, these are just images I have been collecting in my “Idea Bin” on my computer.

The invitation with the week-by-week count down is adorable to show out of towners how much you’ve grown and to keep them in touch.  That invitation would require planning to make sure you get the right shots at the different months.  However, a girl loves her cut outs.  I think the simple shapes would not be to taxing to cut, and would be a nice way for people to take notice.

Unexpected Twist

The baby shower is for both for women AND men, and drinks and games will reflect that.  For those who cannot attend, I want to have a postcard mailer RSVP that makes them put their guess on the gender, and suggestion of names (it keeps people involved in the pregnancy that wouldn’t normally get to).  Then, for those attending, they are asked to wear either blue or pink for their pick on the gender.  For guests who arrive sans color choice, a nice little tag (still to be designed) will tell if they’re Team Blue or Team Pink.


Next would be the decorations.  Again, the theme is “baby” and definitely DIY.  I think with all this talk about homemade and painstakingly tying different miniature bows, I have scared away any friend that might throw me a shower, but I digress.  I think oranges, teal, grapefruit pink, pale green, and pale yellow are a nice gender neutral theme.

Below is an awesome idea that seems like it would be relatively inexpensive.  Hanging simple bibs and onesies that can be sponge painted to match your own color themes.  The other great idea to get from this is the way to take simple napkins into luxurious napkins by purchasing simple solid color cloth napkins (in your palette, of course), and stitching on a whimsical ribbon border on the top and bottom.  To round out the cuteness, the author of the image below used baby toys as the napkin rings.

The last idea was very casual and very doable for anyone’s budget and skill craftiness level.  Another step if you did have a name chosen is to do what the author of this post did.  Simple white onesies with coordinating fabric to your palette cut out in the shapes of letters and tacky glued on the front.  It keeps in line with the baby laundry theme from the last author.

Both of these ideas are masculine enough for my crowd I am inviting and some are completely usable after the party is over. Crafty and smart, how divine.


You know the feeling when you go to either a bridal or baby shower and those wretched games that seem to be forced upon you?  Well, I want to try to keep people from leaving, while, at the same time, engaging in the party.  I found some good ideas on the internet that had some ideas for men and women to be involved.  Some ideas are:

  • Beer “Bottle” Game This one should loosen them up a bit. Take four or five volunteers from the party. Fill four or five 4 oz. baby bottles full of beer. Hand each one of the contestants a bottle, and say ready, set, drink! The guest to finish his/her bottle first is the winner. You can also substitute juice for this game as well.
  • It Takes Two, Baby Have each couple stand side by side, shoulder to shoulder. Give each couple a baby doll and an outfit to dress her in. Have the man use only his right hand and the woman use only her left hand to assist each otherin dressing the baby. This is a hard one, but funny!
  • Diaper Olympics There were two infant sized dolls that needed a pretend diaper change.  The guests are divided in half and then it is a relay race to change the diapers.  The first person has to take the baby, rush to the table, pull the diaper off, use a wipe, powder, and diaper again, and then take it to the next person in line.  It is good practice for the guys, and good to get people socializing.

On the Menu

Obviously the most important aspect is the food and the types of drinks served.  If people are well known to one another, the food is a natural gathering spot to make little people talk.  Mostly finger foods and light drinks is what I will serve.  Some of the recipes I have scouted out are random, but sound yummy.  One from Better Homes and Gardens is the Vanilla-Sparkling Wine Pound Cake.  It is pound cake with a little bit of flair to not scare people but entice them.

Some cocktails that I chose specifically based on color (haven’t made them yet) are a pink lemonade cocktail.  This would be a good option for a spring/summer baby shower and for either a luncheon or evening event.  The color and the accents of orange and lime mix in great with the color palette I mentioned above.

Another great looking drink is an Apricot-Ginger Bellini.  This another pretty-quick-nice-looking-result drink.  It could be dressed up with the type of glass or with glass decorations.

Of course there needs to be non-alcoholic drinks available not only for the guests, but the mother-to-be.  I liked what this author did for the water available.  The printed their own labels to personalize it to match colors and theme.  I especially liked the bows that could match the napkins mentioned above.  The bows might be excessive though if this is the only water available.

I found on multiple sites the addition of Jones’ soda as a good alternative.  They come in tons of great colors and are surprisingly good for you.  I like the addition of your own labels or what the author did below tying cloth around the bottle and securing it with a diaper pin.

Well, that is all I could muster up.  This will be an ongoing adventure that  I will add to.

Happy (real) planning!


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